With some of the most advanced innovative technology in the industry, and powerful engineering, we install shingles designed to help protect from even the most extreme weather conditions.

A proprietary reinforcement that gives our proline shingles their enhanced wind performance. This unique poly-fabric reinforces the shingle for an added layer of protection and provides an anchor for the nails to embed in, locking them tightly to the deck.

The AnchorLock™ layer technology featured in the new Titan XT® shingles is in the form of a reinforcing strip of polyester fabric on the back of the shingle, attached in the common bond area to provide added anchoring for the expanded nail zone.

Introducing an industry first — a high wind warranty with coverage up to 160 MPH, when using TAMKO® Starter.† Inspired by the combined performance of AnchorLock™ layer and Advanced Fusion™ sealants to help the shingle hold fast.