With some of the most advanced innovative technology in the industry, and powerful engineering, we install shingles designed to help protect from even the most extreme weather conditions. A proprietary reinforcement that gives our proline shingles their enhanced wind performance. This unique poly-fabric reinforces the shingle for an added layer of protection and provides an anchor for […]


If you are looking for a roofing system that offers a classic beauty of slate, clay tiles, or stylish shingles, but without the premium cost, then a stone-coated steel roof could be a sensible option for your home For just a fraction of the cost slate or clay tiles, you can have a beautiful, long […]


Tile roofs have been used for thousands of years, often lauded for their durability and classic appearance. But why should you choose tiles over something a bit more cost-effective like asphalt shingles or wood shakes? Roofing tiles are completely made up of recycled materials and are easy to reuse. Some types, like clay tiles, also help circulate hot […]


You’re probably already familiar with the advantages a metal roof provides. If not – here’s a short list: In the hotter months, a metal roof helps maintain cooler attic temperatures – if you’re air conditioned, that can make a real difference in your summer power bills. When the weather goes cold, a metal roof helps keep […]

TPO Membrane

How a membrane coating system is installed over a TPO system depends on the condition of the roof. If the single-ply is peeling away as a result of burnout, it may need more layers of coating than if it’s still in a little better condition. A roof assessment by a professional that is familiar with Fluid […]